Gordon Tracy; Thunderbird 4 children's dress up outfit in paper collage.
From Location drawing at Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood.

Drawing from The Little book of Thunderbird 4


Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher, graphic designer. I saw this piece at his show titled 'Alan Fletcher - The Father of British Graphic Design' at the PM Gallery whilst his work was showing. I like how there is a collection of an object which is used on a daily basis. Whilst looking at the piece, it rekindled memories of my childhood because it contained pencils which i had when i was younger. The sharpened down, bitten and broken tipped pencils all have character and draws in all viewers because we can all relate to this collection.

Lorenzo Petrantoni


Lorenzo Petrantoni is an illustrator from Italy who uses material from 'old books'. Very interesting images. More effective in the black and white as this suits the era to which most of the subject material is from. The combination of old pattern, text and image in this illustration is pleasing to the eye.

Edgar Mueller

Julian Beever