stuhlgang, 'Rubbers and lino'

Here are some prints from a group workshop which we had in the studio with Geoff and Jim. I never thought of cutting into a rubber before to make a stamp. It worked a dream. Each member of 'Stuhlgang' had to make 2 stamps which were to be used in a collaborative zine/booklet. This is to come.......


Art bin

So the SLG south london gallery, is next door to Cambercool college and i popped in there last week and found out that Michael Landy in hosting a exhibition called "Art bin". Watch the video for more information and come down after this week because my work has been accepted to be discarded in the bin...yay



I really love sausages. The above images are of a sausage joint called Wurstkuche in central LA. I went there with my dad over the summer when i stayed with him. The photographs are from a fashion blog called The Hundreds, where i found out about the sausage shop. They have the weirdest combinations and i got the;
  • Alligator & Pork, Smoked Andouille Sausage - hickory smoked, thick casing
and dad got the;
  • Rattlesnake & Rabbit with Jalapeño Peppers - buttery but mildly spicy
It was a really nice place just to hang out aswel. It was hella busy but well worth the wait.

Also these puppies are awesome too. You can purchase these in most supermarkets and they are well worth the money. I've only had the Porky Whites surrey pork sausages and they did the job. If your looking for a tasty, meaty sausage then i suggest buying these.



I've had a good run.....
Got a large bacon roll and a can of Dr pepper for 20p from fez's
My shutter release remote arrived
and my shirt finally arrived after 2 weeks.

La tête

Here is the head/helmet/growth of my costume animated. I did this very short animation to show how the eyes/meat/bone can be taken out and placed into different positions. I hope you like.

Franka NX-40

Sick photographs. The film was from the 99cent store and used my Franka NX-40 (which i thought was a plastic piece of shit) but turns out its not. My flatmate Laura got the canister developed into the negatives and used Matts negative scanner and hey presto. As the process costs nothing to get developed, i shall be taking a shit ton more of photos. Keep your pork pies open for more....

Letter from Peking

Something i've never really done before. Bit played out and everyone does it but i think this looks pretty sweet for a 1st try. I think i may dabble abit more with the old digital cooolage. Me and matt had abit of a race but i ended up loosing due to him putting his up 1st ha. Check his out www.matthewhayart.blogspot.com.


It's alive!

Here are some picture of my costume completed. I was up until 6.15am the night before we had to have it done but it was worth it. The head/growth/thing is my favourite part because it turned out better then my drawings and i think that this has been 1 of very few times that i have actually created the vision that i had in my head. The 1st picture is of my gang minus the 2 new members.

If your wondering why there is a bone sticking out of the eye/hole well thats the beauty of the costume. It has attachable and detachable features such as a mouth/tooth/eyeballs/meat/bones. Anyway i will be taking some more pictures to try and show the working parts to my face ha.


A level

Here is a video that i found on my mobile telephone from my A level exam work. For some reason i ended up getting an f-ing E for my final grade for the exam which is b.s. I'm not blowing my own trumpet but my final piece's were the best things in the room. Anyway i feel this is relevant to the current project which is a group animation. I'll keep ya'll posted with my final costume.


Something new

I've never really done anything like this before but i quite like it. I've taken alot of inspiration from different people and this most probably looks like someone you know's work or your'e own but doing it helped me pass some time.


Costdoom brief

Here are the initial drawings which i did for my costume which i am required to make for my newest brief. It is based on the previous drawings which i posted on here the other day about my needs/requirements to survive. Turns out i did the requirements wrong. I thought that we had to base the requirements on the fundermental parts of a body, but i was wrong, but i am still keeping MOUTH/EYES/MEAT/BONES/TOMATO SAUCE as the things that my creature needs to survive. Since i drawings, we had a mini crit to discuss our oufits and i have made some alterations. I have started to try and construct the BEAST but im failing. I need to make a list of things which i need to do because my brains frying because im trying to do it allllllll at once. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED FO MO.......



In my procrastination phase the other day i watched the film Charles Bronson again. I wasn't too sure about it the 1st time i watched it but after watching it again i liked it more. He is a fruitcake. I guess the actor who plays Charles Bronson, Ed Hardy, could be used for research in my current project as he a musclebound beast and my costume is a pretty beastly creation. So if you have a spare 92 minutes, watch it.

Found glove

I found this glove the other day in camberwell and thought of my friend James. He has a sweet blog dedicated to found gloves. You can get to this blog via www.nastrobia.blogspot.com

Art in a van

My 1st zine and some of my hand made books are going to be for sale at Art in a vans shop in Brixton market. Check out www.artinavan.co.uk for more info and