As i was packing all my stuff away to move back home for summer, i came across this list. Me and Matt made it with the intention of getting some sweet animal skulls. The only thing stopping us was getting some headzzz. I went to 4 different butchers in Peckham but none of them had any. Oh well, i guess this is something the lads can do when we move in to our house.


London zyne symposium

Here are some of the things a purchased from the London zine symposium a few saturdays ago. Our class had a table there, we sold loadsa stuff. I spent all my profit from my bags that day, uh oh. The pictures are of my favourite buys. Chris Smith: Puddle. Kaye Blegvad: Tropical shirts. Stephan Marshall: The natural world and Henrik Drescher: Bittersweet.


It's my friend Henny's birthday soon and my invite was in the form of a wonka bar.

Property of....

Here's the poster which is for our end of year exhibtion. It is based around property of Camberwell. You should probably come check it out.


L'Inconnue de la seine biopic

This is my biopic animation which i had to do for my last project. I'm not pleased with it because i, once again, left it until the night before to make. Pretty shoddy and i realllllly didn't want to put a lame song over it but i ran out of time and couldn't do the sound effects.


Happy birthday Jessica

My little sister Jessica is 6 today and she got a little fish and a tank from my mum for her present. I decided a fish card was due.