Progress show

We had a progress show a few weeks ago to show how we were all getting along with our projects. Mine being the digestive video which I couldn't show, so I had to print out stills and present them on the wall. To accompany the stills I made a quick print of the kitchen utensils that were used in the video. You can just about make out the print but it's 5ft tall so I couldn't really scan it in. Each part of the digestive system was portrayed by a utensils and in the print it is positioned roughly where about's it would be in the body.


Here are some stills from the moving image which I am currently in the process of filming for a project on the digestive system. I am using kitchen utensils to relate to each process which happens in the digestive system.

Warp records

This is some crap animation type thing that I did towards the end of 2nd year. We had a competition brief set by warp records but I failed miserably. I wanted to try and incorporate a pianola roll with stop frame animation to look like the music was being played by it. I should have made a machine which played the roll.

McDonald's collectibles

I got given some happy meal toys and thought it would be nice to photograph them and display them like this.


Getting old is not fun. But getting birthday cards is.


A recent drawing which is going to be transformed into print.


Some paintings that were done on some scraps of wood.