Desktop background

You can click this and save it for the back ground of your computerrrr.



Book cover

This is the cover to my book.



Inside cover of my book.
All i need to do now is the book.



Happy 22nd wedding anniversary nan and grandad.

elective video

Bubblegum from Lewis Wade Stringer on Vimeo.

3 colour

Here are some practice screen prints for my next project. I based the prints on the drawings which i posted from my sketchbook. It was a drawing of a meat tenderizer.
I printed about 30, A4, 3 colour prints but they all came out pretty dodge.
The 1st is 1 of the worst looking prints but the overlaying colours look pretty sweet.
Also the 2nd was the better and i am going crop them to make them look a little bit more legit.



Butcherrr tools

This is a gouache book that i painted over christmas to keep myself busy.
Not fully finished yet as i need to go over the paintings with pencil.


With ♥ from brighton

From brighton i got a patch and some heaven bank notes worth 1 million of heaven bank notes currency.

Bootleg moley

We had an overnight task where we had to make a dummy of a book/booklet type thing. I chose a moleskine which had 39 holes which binds it together. I thought it was a pretty good attempt considering we have a pretty shit art shop in Camberhell.


I had horrible vans. I DIED them burgundy, i still have slightly horrible vans, but atleast i now know that you can DIE shoes in the washing machine.


Albam artwork


Fork off, i've had a knife of you

I got this from Heathrow airport at the weekend.
It had a knife, fork, spoon and napkin in it.