On the last day off coolage, there was a zine fair.
I didn't get much but i was happy with my purhases for all of £1.70 and a nugget of that went to Josh's Punch Dagger and power glove.
Check out his wicked good stuff......



Whilst on 1 of our excursions to the Goldsmiths £1 a pint tuesday's, Matt found this and i kept it warm in my bag and forgot to give it back to him.
Pretty good find. Has lots of current hipping hop music.


Happy christmas

This a picture of santa which my little sister did on her last day at school.
I love it, thanks Jessica


Last year during foundation, we were given a brief entitled 'Conversation' and placed in pairs that consisted of a graphic designer and an illustrator, usually a person that you wouldn't have spoken to in the past. We were to communicate the concept of conversation, working together but not verbally speaking (for the first day) so that we were able to grasp the notion and importance properly. We had to find other forms of communicating, and eventually find something that we wanted to reflect.

Me and my graphics partner, Tamara, decided to emphasise the way that conversation leads you to slowly discover small things about a person, the way that you have to break through barriers to find answers and to understand a person. We also wanted to reflect the ephemeral sense that these barriers have, that with more conversation they can disappear. However, we also wanted the sense of playfulness we had discovered in the beginning to be reflected by the final piece.

So we created ice lollies, with simple child-like questions on the bar. Once eaten the top half would reveal the answer to your question and you would have discovered a small detail about the person.

All of what is written above was taken from Tamara's blog (sorry)
Check out her sweet stuff http://graphicshorse.blogspot.com

It's off

After 490 days
11760 hours
705600 minutes


America in the summer

I went to LA to visit my dad in the summer holidays for 6 weeks.
Heres just a few snaps of some of the things i did and saw.


It's a lino christmas

I got busy a made some christmas cards.
Did a simple lino cut and printed them up, only thing i really needed was a drying rack!

From russia with love

More chair....

Here is some more from the chair project.
We had to do 20 alternative uses for the chair and 10 connotations.

FMP animation


A little something a drew to gain entry to the swift society.
Post her a drawing to become a member.






Got a pretty sweet deal the other day.
Tee for £5 and 2 free handkerchiefs!

What i got up to when my pc blew up


The chair project

Here are some of the 60 drawings which i have had to produce for a new project about a chair. I have chosen to do the egg chair, designed by Arne Jacobsen featured in the 1st drawing. I haven't yet finished all of the drawings but after a mid-project review, i was advised to try and tie my images more towards the chair and to not go off on a tangent to much. It was also said that some of the images aren't obviously linked to the chair, for instance Ronald Mc Donald. I have drawn him because Mc D's used a replica chair in their new
refurbished restaurants and the real egg chait manufactures are filing a law suit against this.

Keep checking as there is more to come.......