Eat, Sleep, Recycle

The brief for this project required us to produce 5 A3 portrait posters for a slogan which had already been used in advertising or been linked to a product. I chose the slogan 'Eat, Sleep, Recycle. I initially had a few ideas in my head but when i put them down on paper they were too obvious and too much like the original poster. I wanted to use objects which you would easily be able to identify and piece together to make the slogan. I played around with composition and the objects which i used. I found that using the obvious objects such as food, zzzz's and the recycling sign, were to much like the original. I then focused more on what makes each of those words using body parts. I played around again with composition and objects and am now in the process of completing my final image ready to be blown up to A1.



This project was based on illustrating a headline from a newspaper. I chose 'How the elephant got it's trunk'. I thought this was pretty funny because i assumed that a baby elephant was born with 1, so how else would they get it. That is the question i used for each of the 11 rough ideas which i produced in the morning. The drawings are really bad but i was just testing out basic examples of imagery and objects to use. By the afternoon we had to short list 3 of the ideas to develop for the following day. The 3 which i chose are displayed and they are the factory, fairground game and a birthday present.

Out of the 3, i liked the factory the most but when i received from the tutors and students the 1 which worked most succesfully was the birthday present. I played around with the idea of the trunk being sent from the elephants ancestors, the woolly mamoth. That is the image of the trunk/hand in glove shape made from the brown paper. This didn't communicate well either so it suggested that i focus more on making an obvious elephants trunk shape which i did in the final image. I really like the shape but i am not happy with how the final image turned out. I used the technique of a lino cut which i had done on the oringal print but tried to make it look like balloon wrapping paper but i think it failed.


Bearskin 2

For this project we were given a short story and were told to illustrate the parts which we found were most important. We had to create 5 A4 portrait images. The title of my story was 'Bearskin' by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The 5 images which i have produced i think work well with follwing the narative. The 2 which have the soldier at the begging work well in terms of composition and a continual theme along with the 2 hand images. I feel that the hairy man with the bearskin on his back is the stand out image just because it is not paired with another. I feel that i could have kept the composition the same for each of the images and carried the soldier through each of the images to show an even stronger relation to the narrative. I think that they work well in black and white and i did photocopy the oringals and added colour but they do in my opinion work better like this.

Business man

Emma needed a business man for a piece of her work, so here he is. Dont watch his feet though




Two fland map

This was a project which was a follow on from then collection assignment. We were asked to create a map which incorporated elements from the collection which we had drawn. The map was to show our imaginary world and how we could can include the things which we found interesting from our collections. We also had to create a key which would help to identify certain parts of the map. I feel that my map works well because i didn't mainly focus on drawing objects. With my collection i experimented with mark marking and patterns and this is the main element which i have carried over to this project.

The title of the map is 'Two Fland'. It is not a word but once said together it sounds like 'Tooth Land'. I made my own typeface which you can see displayed on the 'Greetings from' postcard.


Two fland



We were set the task of drawing a collection of 50 things that interest us. I was really stuck on this project. I kept thinking about the collections of things that i have but they were really crap like shirts, trainers and pens. I didn't want to do any of those but then i thought about the what was in my wallet. The brain started to tick over but then i spoke to a tutor and he said why does this interst you. "It doesn't, but i have nothing else to do". So then i really did start to think about what does interest me and then it came to me......teeth. So here is my collection of teeth, teeth orientated objects and materials which my teeth made an impression on.

4 minute ice breakers

Sketchbook- John Soane's and wellcome collection

Summer project

This was the summer project which was set by Camberwell. I had to produce 25 images including name, age place of birth and 7 others in the category about me and 5 images on each of these; hopes, expectations and requirements.