London zine symposium

The Camberwell 1st year illustration have a table
at the London zine symposium which is this saturday. The stuhlgang collective have created a poster pack which includes 5, A3, 2 colour riso prints, 1 from each member. This is my contribution which you can buy there. It is an edition of 40 entitled 'Ice cream days'.

London zine syposium 2010
12 -6pm
The Rag Factory,
Heneage Street,
E1 5LJ


Ice cream totes

Myself and Matthew were in the screen printing room today, printing. As i said in the previous post, the bag will only set you back £5. They are printed on both sides aswel, so if you ruin 1 side then you can just flip it over and use the fresh side, genius. I have single side prints for £4.



Judo roller blader

Saw this roller blading judo boy on the way to Aarons bbq yesterday. funny funny.

Get 'em while they're hot....

.....well really they should be cold because its ice cream but yeah. I'm screen printing some tote bags tomorrow with this design on. This drawing has also been used for the new 2 COLOUR RISO prints which are part of the newest STUHLGANG work.
The bag will cost you a measly £5



Art of bleeding- Valentine

Found this weird video which i want my animation/video to be like.


Happy birthday grandad

hahahahaha this is a stinkin picture that i drew on the front of my grandads birthday card. It looks nothing like him and looks a smidgen like me. I need to keep practicing drawing people.

Sunbathing pants

I was on the train going back to new cross this afternoon and as i was looking out of the window and saw this. A man in his pants, sunbathing on a grassy hill next to a childrens playground.




Welcome collection

I went to the welcome collection with Clara earlier on today and drew them a picture. On the reverse side of the card which i drew on were a list of words which it suggested you draw. I drew a bullet but wanted to draw a gun, so i did. Clara did the bottom picture of a map of where we were sitting which realates to her project. They are preparing for an exhibtion that starts on June 10th which looks like it will be good.



Make sure you all get your stinkin ass's down to New Cross (THE AMERSHAM ARMS) on Tuesday for our 3rd year degree show fundraiser. Entry is only £3





L'inconnue de la seine

For our most recent project, everybody in the class was given a famous person to research over easter. I was given 'L'inconnue de la seine'. Translated means 'unknown woman of the Seine'. She was a lady that was pulled from the river seine around the last 1800's. As she was an unknown, it was kinda hard to research. I did some drawings based around some facts that i found out about death mask's, a photograph which was supposedly her and some drawing with a nautical twist.

To summarise; she was dragged from the river, cause of death, unknown, a worker at the morge where she was taken had a death mask made of her face, it was mass produced in France and was placed in Parisian front rooms for over 30 years as a symbol of beauty.

I am still experimenting with making up a back story and just generally trying to sort out a narrative for the 1 minute animation which is required.

Recent purchases

Before your eyes are a few prints ect that i have recently purchased. The 1st was a print from a guy on 3rd illy at camberwell. Such an amazing drawing. The 2nd is a screen print off of another really nice dude Charlie from 2nd year illy. The red, blue and yellow print was a relief print from the pick me up show at somerset house. The peepshow collective were there doing live prints for £3 which was wicked because i got to choose wooden blocks which they had carved and they were inked up then printed. The most recent was nobrow 3. So so good. The colours and images contained within are wicked good. I suggest that you go buy.

Fresh prints

Me, Aaron and Matt were in the screen printing room today printing up a shit ton of posters for our fundraiser for our 3rd year external show. The poster was designed by Matt and was also transferred to a flyer which we had mass printed. Aaron did most of the hard work but it was a good day.

Check out the link to the night www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=124809117529372&ref=ts

Look out for a poster or flyer in your neighbourhood!