Meat slicer

I drew me a meat slicer yo.
You wouldn't believe me if i said it took 3 hours to draw.


Exhibition badges

Here is the work which i did for our final show. Been reallllll slack with updating this blog hense why there was 4 posts yesterday. The idea behind this was lost property. I 'found' 6 name badges and wanted to use the actual objects but i didnt want to cop out and not draw so i decided to make a zine type book thing with the drawings of each of the badges. I made these so that i could sell them but never got round to selling any (£1 if you want 1). The pictures are pretty shocking due to the lighting in the gallery space and me not knowing enough about how to use a camera. Anyway, i hope you get the jist of what i was trying to do.


Mini accordion

Viking airways

Tie dye for

Property of

I finally got around to putting the photographs up of the 'Property of' Camberwell 1st year Illustration final show. I have also scanned in some of the drawings which people did on the night and throughout the course of the week which the show was open. Click on the link below to see the flickr photo set.....



Go check this out if your around Shoreditch this Sunday!
Some of Stuhlgangs work will be for sale along with lot's of other cool stuff.