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Been doing some research for my 3rd year proposal and i came across the best website for vintage packinging and advertisement. Also i found this sossidge woman ha


Funk jood

Real excited about this summer and my 3rd year in uni. Going to be doing a lot of experimenting and making. We have to choose 1 thing to do for the whole of 3rd year and I've chosen food. Junk food/fast food/toy food/unhealthy food. I got a new squeaky toy hot dog.


Super limited run of these bags.
1 colour black- only 8
2 colour + 2 colour fade- only 3

They all come with 1 ice cream sticker.

Ken Done



Real crap scans. This is due to my crap scanner and the paper which this was printed on being really dull. Anway, these were my submissions for Stuhls 'loading' zine. The intial idea fell through after we made the zine about games/gamers/gaming but we still have a bunch of them. A5 3 colour risograph on 100 GSM recycled paper stock


Ice cream

A3 pencil drawing.
This was framed and put in the Fact & Fiction 2nd year illy show on saturday.


Simps on


Banana bread



Sheep in the Atlas mountains

The off skew pictures above, were taken from the 4x4 which we took whilst driving up the Atlas Mountains.

A4 foam pop out Arabic digestive system


I went to a car boot with JCW a few sundays ago and i got lots of good buys. For 30p i got 4 stencils but they weren't letters. They were shapes hense this post. Bricks, more bricks, coral, sharks and melon are some of the shapes. I had fun testing them out


Weird building and atmosphere