I was on It's nice that on tuesday evening and saw a post about Johnny Kelly's new project.


I made this GIF and it's now on the site which is pretty sweet.
Go check it out!


Stuhlgang, 'Mellow pets, Yellow jets'

Here is the new Stuhlgang zine. The title is Mellow pets, Yellow jets and the content is loosely based around this. There aren't many left, so buy now!


Mellow pets, yellow jets

These are the drawings which i put into the NEW stuhlgang zine called Mellow pets, Yellow jets. The pilot looks abit like Sydney fife from I love you man but im uber stoked on Holly. She is a boston terrier but she looks like a pug. Anyway, how to get your hands on 1 of these....It will be on sale at the Camberwell easter fair or through a member of stuhl. Peace.

Stuhlgang, 'Manifesto'

Here is the Manifesto/publication which we had to make for the group project. We used the risograph printer which turned out really nice. It's printed on sugar type paper and will only set you back £3, so buy now.....drop me an email or come to the camberwell easter fair where there will be a gang of other cool shit to buy too.

Stuhlgang, 'Defecation animation'

Here is the long awaited stop frame animation from the moving image section of the group project. This i consider to be a rough of only 1 part of the overall animating which was carried out. I will try and have a crack at editing the rest of it over easter because it looks pretty cool. Anywho, enjoy!


Art bin

Michael Landy's Art bin has closed it's doors now and last night was the closing ceremony. All of the artist's who contributed were invitied back for a glass of champagne. Me and Clara popped along for the champagne and to see if there was going to be anything given out from the sponsors Louis Vuitton but there wasn't....lame.

Inside that red cirle dash is a tiny blue visible part of my toothbrush which i threw in there.


I had a huge slice of bacon in the pack from iceland yesterday.


Stuhlgang, 'Dagger poster'

I'm soooo pleased with how these drawings came out. This is a poster which was done for the stuhlgang group project. As we are such a good group and so ahead of the game, we needed something else to do with ourselves. We all kinda just decided to make a poster based losely around 1 of the commandments of the manifesto.


Stuhlgang, 'publication drawings'

Here are some drawings from the most recent project from Stuhlgang. We had to create a manifesto which contains our rules for living. The publication is an edition of 69 and was printed on some thing called a risograph at college. Some of the above was used and the other drawing goes towards research i guess. Anyway, i'll get some photos up of the new publication for you to oooogle at.


Wild Beasts



I still really want a pair of these for some reason.....

but i wouldn't be upset if i got a pair of these

Stuhlgang, 'zine'

The previous ['stuhlgang' post was about the stamps that we had to make for this zine/booklet about our group. So here it is. It was a 1 day collaborative piece which was to get us all working together and to churn out work quickly in the studio. This is a kinda mock and practice for the publication which we have to produce in the next week. Also check the STUHLGANG blog http://stuhl-gang.blogspot.com/

Dollar dollar billls ya'll