Books, books and erm....books

For some reason i started making some books. The books pictured have already been sold but if anybody would like a book then im sure i can sort something out. It will only set you back £4.00 of your student loan, not much reallllllly. If you want a specific colourway then just ask and ill try my best.


Some skullz

Drawn whilst at the Hunterian. A book is slowly building up of skullllllz.


Museum of childhood last year

I love these chinese wind up tin toys

The images above are from a little book which i made. I used just crayon to do the pictures which i love using and need to use more! I want to go back to this place because it was really nice to draw in and the atmosphere was really lively because there was lots of kids running around.


Old chair, new drawings

I've stupidly decided to prolong doing my current project and finish off some drawings for the 1st brief of the epic chair project. Here's a metal bending machine, a chicken, some dudes who were around in 1958 and the designer of the chair.



About 2 months ago, we saw some flashes of light out of the kitchen window. At first we all thought it was lighting but no thunder was to follow. It kept happening, so i went to look out the window and saw it was coming from the end of the corridor. I went to explore and to my delight there was a naked photoshoot happening in the studio opposite our halls.......sweet!

Joshua Hoffine

I was procrastinating when i came across these images. I think they're sick. Check out the dudes work Joshua Hoffine


Bear man


Banana Guard

1st purchase of the new year!


American express

This is an American Express advert which i think is very clever. I didn't see it in this magazine but i was on a train a few weeks back and saw this huge billboard with these multi coloured iiiiiiii's. It was very eye catching and after a good scour through the interweb i found that they had used it in this magazine too. I think that it is a very good use of space and something which i haven't seen before in advertising.