This is something that i have never tried before. I took some of the objects which i drew for the 178 poster and tried my best to digital colour them using photoshop. I think they have turned out pretty well considering it's a 1st try and i've had no help. Although i like how they have turned out, i don't particularly like this 'style' of illustration.


Birthday card for my nan.
Happppy birthdaysings.


A3 risographs

I know it looks as though i am posting old stuff up but it is new. These are the scans of my A3 risograph prints which were shown in a show which stuhlgang held last night. They are all readily availible. Just contact me if you would like to purchase.



This is an A1 poster which consists of 178 ink drawings.



Movie drawing

I'm now back at uni and last wednesday the class had a drawing lesson drawing from movie stills. I didn't like it whilst i was doing it and thought that all the work which i had produced was crap but looking back at what i did do, im pretty pleased. I liked that it didnt have to be a perfect drawing and by using oil pastel, i didn't really have that much control of the lines because the oil pastel was so thick.

Summer project

Here are some of the best drawings from my summer project.
We had to read a book and in response do 60 drawings. 20 of place, 20 of people and 20 of objects. I found the objects the easiest but all the others didn't really look good.


Beer token