Last year during foundation, we were given a brief entitled 'Conversation' and placed in pairs that consisted of a graphic designer and an illustrator, usually a person that you wouldn't have spoken to in the past. We were to communicate the concept of conversation, working together but not verbally speaking (for the first day) so that we were able to grasp the notion and importance properly. We had to find other forms of communicating, and eventually find something that we wanted to reflect.

Me and my graphics partner, Tamara, decided to emphasise the way that conversation leads you to slowly discover small things about a person, the way that you have to break through barriers to find answers and to understand a person. We also wanted to reflect the ephemeral sense that these barriers have, that with more conversation they can disappear. However, we also wanted the sense of playfulness we had discovered in the beginning to be reflected by the final piece.

So we created ice lollies, with simple child-like questions on the bar. Once eaten the top half would reveal the answer to your question and you would have discovered a small detail about the person.

All of what is written above was taken from Tamara's blog (sorry)
Check out her sweet stuff http://graphicshorse.blogspot.com

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  1. haha! i thought it sounded familiar! merry christmas! X