Costdoom brief

Here are the initial drawings which i did for my costume which i am required to make for my newest brief. It is based on the previous drawings which i posted on here the other day about my needs/requirements to survive. Turns out i did the requirements wrong. I thought that we had to base the requirements on the fundermental parts of a body, but i was wrong, but i am still keeping MOUTH/EYES/MEAT/BONES/TOMATO SAUCE as the things that my creature needs to survive. Since i drawings, we had a mini crit to discuss our oufits and i have made some alterations. I have started to try and construct the BEAST but im failing. I need to make a list of things which i need to do because my brains frying because im trying to do it allllllll at once. KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED FO MO.......

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