I really love sausages. The above images are of a sausage joint called Wurstkuche in central LA. I went there with my dad over the summer when i stayed with him. The photographs are from a fashion blog called The Hundreds, where i found out about the sausage shop. They have the weirdest combinations and i got the;
  • Alligator & Pork, Smoked Andouille Sausage - hickory smoked, thick casing
and dad got the;
  • Rattlesnake & Rabbit with JalapeƱo Peppers - buttery but mildly spicy
It was a really nice place just to hang out aswel. It was hella busy but well worth the wait.

Also these puppies are awesome too. You can purchase these in most supermarkets and they are well worth the money. I've only had the Porky Whites surrey pork sausages and they did the job. If your looking for a tasty, meaty sausage then i suggest buying these.

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