L'inconnue de la seine

For our most recent project, everybody in the class was given a famous person to research over easter. I was given 'L'inconnue de la seine'. Translated means 'unknown woman of the Seine'. She was a lady that was pulled from the river seine around the last 1800's. As she was an unknown, it was kinda hard to research. I did some drawings based around some facts that i found out about death mask's, a photograph which was supposedly her and some drawing with a nautical twist.

To summarise; she was dragged from the river, cause of death, unknown, a worker at the morge where she was taken had a death mask made of her face, it was mass produced in France and was placed in Parisian front rooms for over 30 years as a symbol of beauty.

I am still experimenting with making up a back story and just generally trying to sort out a narrative for the 1 minute animation which is required.

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