Bearskin 2

For this project we were given a short story and were told to illustrate the parts which we found were most important. We had to create 5 A4 portrait images. The title of my story was 'Bearskin' by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The 5 images which i have produced i think work well with follwing the narative. The 2 which have the soldier at the begging work well in terms of composition and a continual theme along with the 2 hand images. I feel that the hairy man with the bearskin on his back is the stand out image just because it is not paired with another. I feel that i could have kept the composition the same for each of the images and carried the soldier through each of the images to show an even stronger relation to the narrative. I think that they work well in black and white and i did photocopy the oringals and added colour but they do in my opinion work better like this.

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