This project was based on illustrating a headline from a newspaper. I chose 'How the elephant got it's trunk'. I thought this was pretty funny because i assumed that a baby elephant was born with 1, so how else would they get it. That is the question i used for each of the 11 rough ideas which i produced in the morning. The drawings are really bad but i was just testing out basic examples of imagery and objects to use. By the afternoon we had to short list 3 of the ideas to develop for the following day. The 3 which i chose are displayed and they are the factory, fairground game and a birthday present.

Out of the 3, i liked the factory the most but when i received from the tutors and students the 1 which worked most succesfully was the birthday present. I played around with the idea of the trunk being sent from the elephants ancestors, the woolly mamoth. That is the image of the trunk/hand in glove shape made from the brown paper. This didn't communicate well either so it suggested that i focus more on making an obvious elephants trunk shape which i did in the final image. I really like the shape but i am not happy with how the final image turned out. I used the technique of a lino cut which i had done on the oringal print but tried to make it look like balloon wrapping paper but i think it failed.

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